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Welcome to Riochurrasco

Rio Churrasco serves up barbecue in Churrasco style, which translates roughly from the Portuguese for 'barbecue'. The barbecue tradition known as churrascaria hails from the southern part of Brazil, from a gaucho technique of cooking meat over an open flame. This method of preparation sealed in the meat’s natural juices, resulting in a tender more flavorful steak. Come try our delicious steaks!

Our Latin made to order meals are convenient, affordable, and above all else, tasty! We serve our menu from our food truck on the streets of Washington D.C. and Fairfax, VA. If you are nearby, just stop in and grab something good to eat! We will not disappoint!

If you're on a quest for a better lunch experience and friendly service, find our truck by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

Please feel free to contat us to invite us to your neighborhood, or discuss our catering services